About the Sandy Lake Lodge area...

As the last of the berries fall off of the frost bitten bushes, a thick blanket of white fluffy snow steadily starts to cover the barren land and slowly bring all living things to a halt.This is the time of year when "the rock" as it is referred to, turns into a winter playground for snowmobiles, ice fishermen, sight-seers and photography enthusiasts.

A camera is a very important piece of equipment on any trip, but in this land... it is a necessity. One only has to look left or right, ahead or back, to realize that our God above took special care when He put this work of art together. I also think that He created it so all could enjoy it, in one capacity or another.

We at Sandy Lake lodge hope that you and your family and friends will decide to come and experience the beauty of Newfoundland. We would also be honoured if you would allow us to show you this treasure from our prospective. Come and see why people return to this destination year after year. Come and taste the hospitality of the ROCK.

Something to think about

It does not seem possible that the time we have been waiting for is almost upon us.  Some of you will be spending so much time preparing for your trip that no doubt it will end up being filled with stress and possibly a little overwhelming.

I can almost guarantee you that some things leading up to your long awaited week of hunting will not turn out to be 100% as you have wished for.  

Like you, we here at Sandy Lake Lodge, are not in total control of everything in and around our hunting area.  Example weather and temperature play a big part in whether or not you are successful and we have no control over either.

We are also visitors in this beautiful landscape and as hard as we try most times the wildlife have the upper hand.  Hopefully you will be able to unwind a little bit and put the little things behind you that will have no bearing on your hunt when the week has come to an end.  

You will be excited to know that when your week of hunting begins, each of you will be guided by not one but two keepers of this beautiful land.  The first being your hunting guide whom is very excited to get started on your adventure.  All of the guides are very knowledgeable of your hunting territory and we are proud to say that they are professional at what they do best and that is finding you animals.  For some of you it may be the first day of your hunt but probably not everyone.  That’s okay.  Your chances are very good that by weeks end you will be successful at taking your trophy.   How big will that trophy be?  The answer to that question will be answered when you pull the trigger.  Each person has different expectations.  For most it is not about the spread of the horns or the number of points but more about the thrill of the hunt.  

If you are only booking your hunt at the Lodge with the hope of adding a moose to your trophy room, then you will miss out on what could be the best and most cherished part of your trip.  Your second guide you will encounter only if you are receptive and sensitive to her presence.  She will fill your heart with joy and humble you to the point that you just want to be lost in the moment forever.  She has a way of exploring your soul and understanding what you are seeking to find.  She will bring youto a place that you understand what you are feeling cannot be captured on a camera but you have to experience in person.  Mother Nature is good at what she does but you must allow her to shower you with her blessing.  The sights, sounds and smells can be many and very different to each individual.  I hope each day is an adventure for you and that you go home fulfilled in your quest but homesick for what you have experienced.  Most of our clients come to visit Sandy Lake Lodge with a moose on their mind but return as friends and wanting to spend more time in the solitude of the greatness which God has created.  We hope you will enjoy your week and shoot straight.

The Sandy Lake Lodge Team

What you need to know about getting here!

1.  Canada Border Crossing Services (DUI)


2.  Non Resident Firearm Declaration Form

RCMP 5589/CAFC 909

RCMP 5590/CAFC 910


 3.  Marine Atlantic Ferry

Any client traveling by The North Sydney,NS,  Ferry to Port aux Basques, NL, will have to make Reservations well in advance of your trip. If you are to check into the lodge on Sunday afternoon, it is recommended that you choose the 11:00 crossing on the Saturday evening, and book a cabin so you will be well rested when the Ferry docks.Once you land on the NL side, you will travel approximately five hours to reach GrandFalls/Windsor where you will meet up with someone from the lodge.You can call the terminal direct at  902 341-7981 or click on the link to go direct to their website.


Air Canada


4.  Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad


5.  Importation of Wild Meat to the US


6.  Suggestion List of Things to Bring – click here

7.  Map of the Province

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8.  Our Promise Statement to you

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