Welcome to Sandy Lake Lodge, Newfoundland Canada

Sandy Lake Lodge enjoys a healthy population of moose, caribou and bears in the area surrounding its quiet and tranquil location. Not far away, the spring bears start looking for a free meal towards the end of May or first of June, depending on how late the winter hangs on.

One can take a brief stroll to the lakeside in the early morning as the mist is slowly receding and catch a limit of tasty brook trout for breakfast.  

In the spring, the many brooks and streams flowing through the valley floors, bring new life to the bogs and swamps which provide food and cover for the wild animals. As the days lengthen and the temperature rises, new growth starts springing up all around. The rabbits, beavers and birds are very busy this time of the year; the whole Island seems to come alive... and what an experience for the family to witness!

As fall approaches, and the mating season begins, many animals can be seen from this same stretch of shoreline, either walking around the edge of the lake or swimming from one side to the other.

Because at the present time the woodland caribou in our area are under study, we can only observe and enjoy this beautiful and majestic animal from a distance (hopefully their numbers will return to a level that will allow the season to re-open).

From the beginning of the of the hunting season till the end of fall, hunters from many other parts of North America come to this beautiful part of Canada to harvest their trophy moose. For some that starts in early September with a bow and others choose to come during or after the rut when the larger boys come out to play.

Every day brings a new adventure packed with memories that will be embedded in the minds of our guests forever..